Do you know what multinationals are? These companies are those that have their headquarters installed in one country and have branches in other countries. They are excellent options for those looking for a job, as they allow for professional growth and the expansion of their knowledge.

As an example, we can highlight companies such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Apple and Nike. At this point, it’s good to pay attention to the history of each of these companies, their evolutionary processes in the market and their main growth strategies, after all, you need to know which area of ​​activity you will best fit into.


Coca-Cola is one of the most traditional and easily recognized products in the world! Sold in more than 200 countries, its success comes from its creation, when it was still a carbonated syrup against indigestion, developed by an American pharmacy. The reinvention of its formula contributed even more to its growth, making the brand one of the strongest in the market today.


Known for its e-commerce and super-fast delivery, Amazon has an unquestionable reputation. Its activities began in 1994, in the garage of the house of Jeff Bezos and his wife, when the business was still operating in the garage of the house of Jeff Bezos and his wife, with online bookstore services.


Walmart is an American multinational, which started its activities in 1642, selling only non-perishable products, following the idea of ​​its creator Sam Walton and his brother. Since then, the company has been conquering its space, present in more than 27 countries, contributing to the economic development of the regions that have its branches.


Apple created its business identity based on its customers’ desire to consume. The technological market, in the segment occupied by the company, is one of the most requested, with cell phones and state-of-the-art computers, always exceeding expectations and previous versions already launched. Created by Steve Jobs, the company’s name is known worldwide, in addition to being a reference.


Developed in 1964 in the United States, Blue Riboon Sports was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, with the aim of feeding the sports market in the region. With time and the popularization of his work, the company underwent some changes, adopting in 1971 its current name, Nike Inc. Since then, they have been references in this market, with numerous designs, manufacture and sale of footwear, clothing, accessories and sports equipment.


Leader in the technological market, mainly in the support and software development part, Microsoft was developed by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, in 1975. Among all its achievements and innovations in the market, the most popular creation of the company, responsible for its exponential growth growth was the launch of Windows, used by thousands of users around the world.