There’s nothing quite like savoring a slice of pizza, especially when it comes for free. Unfortunately, there is no pizza fairy out there to magically bring us a slice when we crave it, but there are legitimate ways to score pizza without paying for it. However, getting a free pizza may come with some challenges. That’s why we’re breaking down all the best ways to get free pizza, from rewards programs to life hacks, without suggesting that you steal or cheat anyone.

1. Rewards and Loyalty Program: Join Your Favorite Pizza Place

This is the easiest way to obtain a “free” pizza, though there is an argument to be made that rewards programs in general do not actually give anything for free. Nonetheless, if pizza is a regular item on your household’s menu, it is highly recommended that you join a rewards program. Most major pizza chains provide a rewards program that awards points for every purchase. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for various rewards, including a free pizza. The specifics differ among franchises, but most offer a means to sign up for their rewards program on their websites or through their app. Here is a brief list of links that offer more information about different pizza rewards programs:

This list is not exhaustive, so make sure to check with your preferred pizza place to see if they have their own rewards program.

2. Subscribe to Email Newsletters for Exclusive Offers and Discounts

Signing up for your favorite pizza restaurant’s newsletter or email list can be one of the best ways to get special deals and discounts. Most popular pizza chains offer newsletters, and being on their email list means you’ll receive exclusive rewards directly in your inbox.

To find pizza newsletters, simply Google your preferred restaurant and add the phrases “newsletter” or “email list” to your search. You’ll start receiving exclusive offers in no time.

If you’re in the mood for free pizza, consider signing up for Sbarro’s Slice Society newsletter. By doing so and ordering a drink, you’ll get a free XL slice.

Slickdeals Tip: Worried about your inbox getting cluttered with pizza newsletters? Create a separate email account exclusively for these offers. If you use Gmail, the platform automatically creates a “Promotions” folder to help you sort your mail.

3. Search the Web for Coupon Codes

One of the easiest ways to save is by using a promo code, and there are online tools that can help you scan the web for these codes. Most major pizza chains, like Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s, will have promo codes from time to time, offering everything from discounted meals to free pizzas. Here are some tips to help you find pizza promo codes:

  • Use Slickdeals to search for deals from your favorite pizza chains individually.
  • Create a Deal Alert to be notified whenever a pizza-related deal pops up online.
  • Download the Slickdeals browser extension, which will automatically apply any available promo codes when you order food online.

4. Find Free and Discounted Gift Cards

Gift cards can be a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy pizza, without waiting for a special occasion like your birthday. There are various websites that reward users with points for completing simple tasks, such as taking surveys. These points can then be redeemed for various rewards, including gift cards for popular pizza chains. Prize Rebel is one such website that offers Pizza Hut gift cards in exchange for completing surveys. Swagbucks is another option, which provides users with Domino’s gift cards as rewards for watching videos, playing games, and participating in surveys.

5. Save the Date for National Pizza Day and Pi Day

National Pizza Day is growing in popularity each year, prompting pizza establishments to compete with one another by offering special promotions. Typically celebrated on February 9th, National Pizza Day is observed by most pizza-serving venues with discounted deals. Similarly, on March 14th, National Pi Day is celebrated, providing another opportunity for pizza shops to offer special deals on “pizza pies” as a playful nod to the math term. In previous years, we have reported on Pi Day promotions, so check out our coverage to get an idea of the deals that may be available on the next Pi Day.

6. Attend Public Events and Meet-Ups

This method is more of a hit-or-miss, but it could potentially result in getting free pizza without having to accumulate reward points. Often, local events and meet-ups offer free food as an incentive for attendance, and pizza is a frequent choice for these occasions. You can explore the clubs and organizations in your community to see if any are hosting local gatherings. Find a group that aligns with your interests or hobbies and attend one of their events. In addition to possibly enjoying some complimentary pizza, you may also meet new friends! Just be sure to act respectfully, as you don’t want to be seen as the person who crashes the party just to grab a box of pizza and leave.

7. Register for Your Wedding at Domino’s.

Are you getting ready to get married? Well, if you’re a pizza lover, here’s some good news! Domino’s Pizza has a wedding registry where you can ask your guests to send you an eGift card that you can use to buy anything on Can you think of a better way to kick off your marriage than enjoying delicious pizza paid for by your loved ones?